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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
11257374612624192642462125Carlos ChambersUniversity (PCA)2017/20182nd Grade4 1City Beach Green Range
211118067712624192658203111Kanwarjit W SinghUniversity (PCA)2017/20184th Grade4 1Mt Lawley-Inglewood
377736161262419265819377Fred CorkUniversity (PCA)2017/20184th Grade1 1Carlisle Windsor Cricket Club
475737461262419264246975Carlos ChambersUniversity (PCA)2017/20182nd Grade5 1Stirling Cricket Club (Inc.)
5751806771262419264247375Kanwarjit W SinghUniversity (PCA)2017/20182nd Grade6 1Floreat - Hellenic
668736231262419265822368Grant ElliottUniversity (PCA)2017/20184th Grade9 1Mt Lawley-Inglewood
764757031262419271314564*Daniel W KerrUniversity (PCA)2017/20188th Grade2 1Carlisle Windsor Cricket Club
8581806771262419265820358Kanwarjit W SinghUniversity (PCA)2017/20184th Grade4 2Mt Lawley-Inglewood
9565973641262419271314456Craig R HallUniversity (PCA)2017/20188th Grade1 1Canning Vale
105311273241262419265823853John HillUniversity (PCA)2017/20184th Grade12 2Ferndale
1150737461262419264248950Carlos ChambersUniversity (PCA)2017/20182nd Grade10 1Floreat - Hellenic
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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