The New Season Begins.....
Date of Event : Fri Aug 11, 2017 10:44AM

Hi Meisters 

As you may know, at the recent AGM, Bish announced that he wished to stand down as President of the Club. He will remain a keen member of the Club, so this is far from a farewell and we'll look forward to seeing his svelte form patrolling the field, hoping for a tickle or maybe just looking for a stroke through the covers. It goes without saying that Bish has been an outstanding leader, and he has directed the club with distinction. I am sure that you will all join me in thanking him for his selfless service, and wish him all the best in the coming season. 

I am rather humbled to now find myself elected President of the mighty UniPCA club, but immensely relieved to have an excellent Exec in support: Lunty is our new Vice President, CD keeps control of the Import / Export business, Carlos is the Chief Minister of the Ministry of Fun, and all supported by our Secretary for Life, Earn. Please remember, we're your Exec and will do out best for the good of the Club, the success of our teams, and the enjoyment of the game by all. 

With that all said, the new season is now coming up on us faster than PT with a new toy, so it's time to turn attention to bats and balls, and we are pleased to announce: 

We will start our pre-season this weekend (Sunday) with some indoor sessions. We have booked two nets, one with a bowling machine, so there should be plenty of opportunity for everyone to get some quality practice in and start to shake off the winter rust. Thanks to Goph for arranging the booking. 

WHERE: Southern Cricket, 55 Farrington St, Leeming, WA 6149 

WHEN: 1:30 - 3:00pm each Sunday August 13th, 20th, 27th 

COST: $5 per Meister 

We'll also run Sunday trainings during Sept with times and venues to be confirmed 

Please make every effort to attend the pre-season sessions, and we'll look to get outside as soon as the weather allows. 

The new Exec will be holding a meeting next week with plans to lock in our Grades and Skippers asap. So when we have more details, we'll let meisters know. 

Our first game for the new season kicks off on 7-Oct, so let the season begin. 1,2,3 Uni boys are we.... 

Best wishes 


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